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New Sound kits arrived

Discover the newest Sound Kits from us.
Hundreds of vocals, drum kits and samples are waiting for you.

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Mista Playa
Purpp caddy


The wait is over. 
Our first Trap Life sound pack has arrived.
This monster shoots fully armed with thrilling melodies and an arsenal of drums that will make your house shake.

Packed with an incredible amount of vocals by mixed artists like Lil Traffic, Mavo, Jae-R Benjamin, Missyu, Ohyeaa, Kera Ariyel and many more.

Suitable for all kinds of genres like Trap, Phonk, EDM, Hip-Hop, Lo-Fi, Future Bass, Chillwave, Vaporwave and more.

Containing 200 files: 

- 100 Vocals 

- 25 Loops

- 25 SoundFX

- 10 Percussions

- 10 Snares

- 10 Kicks

- 10 808s

-  5 One-Shots

-  5 Effects


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Trap Life art on poster, canavans an more...

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Indica & Sativa playlist

The indica and sativa mix have the same effect as the two main strains of the Marijuana plant. The indica strain let’s you drift into a more relaxed and laid back mood, and so does the playlist. While the sativa mix playlist provides faster and energetic tracks to get the party mood.
Feel the laid back mood with fat bass as a companion.
Enjoy the faster and energetic tracks to get into party mood.


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